What is WebEquity?

WebEquity.org is an exciting new community website that brings together anyone looking for or offering website design/development/marketing services with the aim of creating new online businesses. Rather than traditional cash payment, the WebEquity community members are rewarded based on revenue and/or equity share of the businesses they create.

The key is collaboration and collaborative business development. Each contributor accelerates development by specialising on their key strength.

This business model allows for fast and low cost deployment of new online businesses, and it's a great space for new talent to emerge and demonstrate their abilities.

WebEquity communities are now available in Australia, Canada, the UK and US. If you think your country or region would benefit from WebEquity, please let us know.

How does it work?

Each project will have an 'originator' - the person with the original idea - whose responsibility it is to detail the project in a scoping document (we'll provide a template to help you). This will include a brief outline of what's required from other community members.

The roles within each project might typically include originator, web designer, web developer, online marketer and administrator, and each would be offered a %age of revenue or equity in the resultant business. Some individuals, particularly the originator, may also be willing and capable of taking on multiple roles within each project. The originator awards the roles to interested community members and the project development begins.

Feedback on or by project contributors will be encouraged to allow for the growth of credibility within the community.

How do I get involved?

WebEquity is about more than just creating websites - it is a business community like no other. If you have any business-related skill, there are likely to be opportunities for you to contribute to a project. We'll obviously need good website designers and developers, but we'll also be looking for other skills:

  • marketers (online and traditional)
  • administrators
  • content researchers/editors
  • business mentors
  • lawyers

Potentially any commercial skill could be required so, if you feel you have something to offer and you'd like to be involved, please register now. When a project comes up that fits with your skills, we'll let you know.

Don't want to register right now?

We understand that you may not be comfortable registering until you know you want to get involved. You can stay up-to-date with what's going on at WebEquity by subscribing to our project feed by RSS or email.

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31:05:11 South Africa region added

31:05:11 Europe region replaces UK

23:10:08 Twitter API integration on WebEquity - new projects will be automatically Tweeted

23:10:08 Twitter API integration on WebEquity - new projects will be automatically Tweeted

23:09:08 First WebEquity project released. Read the media release

07:09:08 New blog post : Guide to creating online businesses for non-technical entrepreneurs

06:09:08 New blog post : StartupCamp Australia : a case study in collaborative development

05:09:08 WebEquity blog launched...bit sparse at the moment, though

02:09:08 Latest media release

24:08:08 Search members by skill now available; Member skills can now be edited

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